And the hits keep coming

My phone rang on the way over to the stables this evening (I ride on Thursdays) and after I parked I picked up the voice-mail.  Another job on the West Coast calling!  This one is in Pasadena for a pharma that I applied to last week.  This is the first pharmaceutical that has contacted me even though I have worked for one before.  That was a long time ago, though, so the relevance of that job is certainly aging out.

Anyway, yet another job on the West Coast!  I am hot out there right now for some reason.

I had lunch with a friend, Paul M., last week and when he heard that I had been interviewing for a job in L.A. he said that he has one request of me if I got that job and it is to figure out how to get him seats at the Rose Bowl Parade.  He has been before, but wants to bring his kids and would like seats as opposed to standing along the parade route.  He will be excited to hear that I am inching closer to the venue with a company actually located in Pasadena!  Ha!

Until I have an offer, all jobs must be entertained!

In the meantime, I rode a new horse today, Lexi. She arrived at the stables about two weeks ago. Normally I don’t like riding mares as they have a tendency toward being skittish or having strange habits.  Lexi was awesome, though, and I can feel the workout in my back muscles!  I will sleep well tonight!

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