My current line up

Apparel on Monday, drugs on Tuesday, coffee the following Friday.  That’s how my next line-up of interviews currently stacks up.  All companies are on the West Coast.

I am excited yet oddly nauseous about my on-site with the coffee company (May 11th).  I want it but can’t believe I might end up having a job!  I am ready to get back to doing something but also feel like I wish I could just have one more travel spree in some far away country before I have to head back to the real world. Unfortunately, I really just need to see this job thing through at this stage and get back to work, especially as I am coming up on a year!  The best I think I might be able to manage is a cross-country drive to some job on the West Coast, as the odds are currently in favor of me ending up out there somewhere.

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