And off we go again

Mondays.  Tell me again why I don’t like them!?  Oh yeah, back to the grind!

I started off this morning with my hiring manager phone screen for the apparel company in San Francisco.  It sounds like a very cool job and she sounded very competent with top class education and super strong professional experience, and Lord she talked fast!  I felt like I had a second latte after hanging up with her I was so revved up!

As is my M.O. at this stage, she really liked me, wants to bring me out to meet, etc.  She did mention, however, that she has a few more candidates to phone interview this week so God knows where I will stand when that’s done!  It’s like a kid in a candy shop…they see something they want/shiny but then something else shiny comes along to distract them and that’s the end of that!  You just can’t get your hopes up until you really do get called back.

Exactly at the time I was supposed to receive the above call, my phone rang but the area code was local.  “Who is this?” I wondered.  Well, it happened to be a senior executive that used to work at my former employer and is now CEO at another company in the area.  He wants to talk to me about a job opportunity.  I had to tell him I was waiting for a phone interview and could he call me back!!!  Too funny!  At least he knows I am actively looking and getting traction!   He hasn’t called back yet, but as CEO I expect he is a busy guy!  He is an extremely smart and likable man so it will be interesting to see what he has going on.

This afternoon I had to fill out a bunch of “career snapshot” questions for the pharma in Pasadena that I am phone screening with tomorrow.  God in heaven!  It was all this “describe a time…” stuff that are classic interview questions.  Why don’t they just ask me this stuff when they actually interview me!  I cut and pasted stuff off my résumé and cover letter and called it quits on that nonsense!  It is so typical of the field; highly structured / rigid / compliant, etc.  I can’t imagine that I will like this job, but who knows!

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