I don’t like this word as I always think of networking as sounding so strained and phony, but I had what will hopefully be a very positive networking experience this week.

I was contacted on Monday by a man that was once a senior executive at my last employer and who is now CEO of a company in the area.  He got my phone number from another ex-colleague of my former employer (all three of us downsized at one stage or another).

I talked to the CEO about the opportunity at hand and I don’t think I am quite suited for it and the salary was pretty low, too.  He said he would reflect on that and see if he could figure something out, the issue on his side being inequity with other employees at the same grade level.

Today I went over to the outplacement office to print info on some jobs I applied for this week.  Low and behold, there at outplacement is another guy I used to work with that held almost exactly the position that the above CEO is looking for!

I got the potential candidate’s info and gave the CEO a call and hopefully they can hook up!

Pay it forward!!   As I mentioned in a prior post, there is a funny sort of support center that builds up between those that have been downsized, past and present. There is significantly more ‘networking’, thoughtfulness, recommendations, job leads, etc., from these folks.  I very rarely hear anything from those that have never lost their jobs.  Then you simply need to be grateful for any assistance and tips you get and pay it forward to the ‘newcomers’ to the land of the downsized or to those that need to get out of a bad job situation.

I’m a believer in karma, too.

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