Amazing Race

The Amazing Race is one of my all-time favorite shows on TV.  I love the dynamics within and between the pairs of teams and also really enjoy seeing where they travel to and observing the customs to which they are exposed.

Tonight was this season’s finale.  It was one of the more exciting finales and in case you watch and haven’t seen Sunday’s show I won’t be a spoiler.  I will only say that the team I really would have enjoyed seeing win would have been Bopper & Mark, the middle-aged friends from Kentucky that were eliminated last week.  They were so genuine and entertaining!  It was hard not to like them!  You can tell from tonight’s episode that they were a favorite of the show, too, as they were given some good coverage in the episode.

The only good thing about this season being over is that I missed an entire season while I was traveling last Fall so I now I can go back and watch that one!

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1 Response to Amazing Race

  1. karen w says:

    Nice to know you love the show! Thanks and keep watching CBS!!!

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