The lay of the land

I spent last Thursday and Friday afternoons with a real estate agent, cruising around several neighborhoods trying to get a feel for where I might like to live if I actually get offered a job.

My requirements were: garage, sidewalk, porch.  Everyone I mention ‘porch’ to looks at me like I have two heads but once we got out and about into the older neighborhoods (1900-1920’s) there are all sorts of porches to be found!  My agent was really surprised, she just never really thought about porches before.  Some were only half porches, or really more of a covered stoop, but they are most certainly to be found!

My agent’s name was Linda and she was an ex-ice capader!  She was also not too bright!  All together, though, she was quite humorous.  She had stories about Harry Belafonte, Donny Osmond and the like from her days gone by.  She has nine dogs and a cat (she does rescue), she is 66 and divorced and is in all sorts of singles clubs, etc.  On the more bleak side she went on a bit too much about the effect the weather can have on some people and pointed out some anti-suicide elements that have been added to certain bridges and she also had a friend that was kidnapped and killed by Somali pirates while sailing around the world!

The terrain is very hilly and as there are so many different bodies of water around the city traffic can be a bit tricky.  Winter weather also interesting due to the slopes, etc.

It so happens that the weather while I was out in the PNW (Pacific Northwest) was glorious!  I joked with everyone that I brought North Carolina with me.  This could easily have given me a false impression of the place, though, so I have to keep in mind that it is normally more cloudy and rains a lot (mostly drizzly stuff, not major downpours….kinda like Ireland).

On Saturday, my sister, brother-in-law, and I went to the zoo.  It was a perfect day and the animals were obviously as thrilled as the humans to have such a beautiful day as they were all out having fun and playing and generally putting on a good show for the visitors!

We went to a popular fish restaurant for lunch, sitting outside, and then they drove me through some other neighborhoods they thought I might like.

I came home yesterday (Sunday), landing in dreary, rainy weather that has extended into today!  What is up?  The weather in both locations definitely flipped this past week!

I haven’t heard anything from the company yet.  Like anything in life, there are pros and cons with the job and the city.  I’m trying not to dwell on the good/bad too much until I am actually presented with an offer as I won’t do me any good mentally to spend too much time thinking about all that until I have to!

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