For sale

One of my male cousins from Roanoke recently moved in with his girlfriend who happens to live about 20 minutes from me so I asked him over today to look at my old Honda and some tools of my father’s that I have to see if he can help me ‘move’ them.

He is a car guy and has body shop connections, etc., and he brought one of these guys with him today and they left with the car!  He took notes and photos of the tools and will see if he can work up any interest on them.  Possibly I will trade him some of the tools for the work he will do to glam up and sell the car.  Honda’s are hot in the used car market and ‘he knows some guys’ so thinks it will sell fast once he does a few things to it to help with the value.  I also have all the paperwork from every service every performed on the car from routine maintenance to tires to timing belts, etc.

He has a son who is a senior in high school who lives with him so we discussed my hiring him over the next couple of weeks to help me do some manual labor as I spruce the house up, like helping me mulch and paint.  He is a good kid and I am sure he’d love the extra money.

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