I passed!

Just got word from the major coffee company that I passed the background check, phew!  So, I should get a copy of the full relocation policy next week.

Looks like this thing is on!

FYI, I also received a copy of the background check in the mail today.  What was covered, with “no name found” under the last four bullets, was the following:

  • Employment history (last 3 jobs, as per the application I first had to complete)
  • Education – only the highest degree received (again, per the application)
  • Criminal history – specifies NC and multi-state search
  • Federal criminal history
  • National Social Security Search (this just showed a list of various old addresses)
  • OFAC Watch List Search (Office of Foreign Assets Control) which is a list of “Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons” that the Dept. of Treasury maintains, per The USA Patriot Act, identifying known terrorists, narcotics traffickers, etc.

About Sophia la Vespa

I'm a sweet little Italian import exploring Seattle. You're welcome to follow me! 😉
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