Paul M.

I have this very nice friend named Paul M. who probably has the strangest career history of anyone I know, from working for a top-tier consulting company and spending several years in Germany to working on indie movies and Everest climbs to even inventing and marketing his own board game.  He has a top grade education with a University of Michigan undergrad degree and a Kellogg MBA, but his whole approach to jobs and life is very unique. He is a very interesting guy and very, very nice.

One of Paul’s funniest traits (to me, anyway) is that he always carries one of those old-timey Composition books with him wherever he goes; you know, those wide-rule, bound notebooks with the black & white marbled covers.  I have never seen what is actually written in these books (not sure anyone has) but any thoughts, inspirations, or general information apparently goes into these books and he knows I get a huge kick out of them.  How he knows what is in what book and how to find it is a mystery to me.  Perhaps he has another Composition book where he maintains cross-referencing, who knows?

Anyway, we had lunch the other day and he asked me if I had the e-mail address of a mutual friend so I pulled it up on my iPhone and asked him if he had “Bump” which is an iPhone app where you can just bump your hands together as you hold your respective iPhones and the data transfers over.  It is similar to the infrared beaming of Palm Pilots in days of old.

I was asking this question as I pulled up the contact info and when I raised my head I found that Paul had pulled out the Composition book and a pen and was ready to make notes! I just started cracking up!  “Bump”.  What was I thinking?!?!  He then produced his phone which is about the size of a pack of gum and apparently cost him $5 and does absolutely nothing but allow him to take and receive calls (it is a phone, after all).  It is like one of those free phones the elderly can get for emergency issues (not sure if there is an income level tied to that).  It is not ‘smart’, it is simply a phone.  Paul is the smart part that goes with the phone.  Too funny!  He is one of those genuinely sweet guys, you have to love him!

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