School’s out forever!

“School’s out forever!” That’s what having a locked down job offer feels like to me after having to deal with the torturous job application / interview process for the last few months!

I know there are massive unknowns ahead of me but I love adventure and right now I am so relieved that it feels like that wild rush of freedom enjoyed in youth when you are unleashed from the shackles of books and desks and teachers and the summer is spread out before you!  “School’s out forever!!!!”

Tomorrow I am throwing away all that job search stuff that I have gathered and practiced and studied and whatnot!!!  Gone, gone, gone!  Unleash me!!!  “School’s out forever!!!!”

That’s how I used to feel at the end of the school year!  Let me escape!!!  Let me tear out of here, wide open!  I hated when those Back-to-Shool ads started!  And why did they start in August!!!  School didn’t start until after Labor Day!  Leave me alone!  Now it is earlier and earlier ever year!  “School’s out forever!!!!”

I know that I will soon have my BTS (Back-to-School) moment when my start date is finally determined, but for now I want to wallow in the muck of knowing I have a great job offer, with great pay and benefits, a great relocation package, and at a company that I admire and whose product I use religiously on a daily basis!  “School’s out forever!!!!”

On Friday afternoon I had a phone interview with a direct report of the hiring manager of the health care company in Pasadena.  I can’t tell you how unmotivated I was for this call but I had to go through with it as I didn’t have confirmation that my background check was approved.  I know that may sound kinda stupid as I haven’t even had a traffic ticket in over 15 years, but it is the “unknown” that makes you jittery!  What if there is some other person with my name (highly unlikely) that has done something terrible???

I guess this was my final test of fortitude, getting through that last interview before I was deemed worthy!

Now I feel 99.99% comfortable that this is a ‘go’.  I still need to have an updated offer letter with the start date, etc, but I think I am secure enough to put this all in a blog post!

God it feels good to know I can quit all that job search stuff.  I know I have been extremely fortunate to land such a good job with such a good company and with great benefits, etc., and in less time than many.

I was with my favorite cousin over the weekend and I know her mother has been looking down on me and that my mother prayed to St. Anthony and that many stars aligned, etc.  When I was in Italy last year I made at least one donation in every single church I visited (and there were a LOT!!!!).  I also found my new patron saint while I was in Verona, St. Zeno!  I think I may need to recommit to my religion!!!  We both agreed the more people we know in heaven the better!  That’s networking at its most powerful!

I also know that despite the fact that I worked hard on all of this that there are many, many people that have gone through months and months of job searching and haven’t had any interviews.  I can’t even imagine what that is like, how discouraging and frustrating, never mind any financial issues they may be facing.  Anyone reading this, please keep them in mind!  Pray for them, think of them, offer up whatever it is you do to sponsor good will toward others as this is a tough haul even when you are marketable, and for those less fortunate it must be almost intolerable.

It has been just about a year since I lost my job.  I traveled and totally enjoyed myself for the first half of the year and got my mojo back! I desperately needed that! The second half of the year certainly balanced out the “fun” factor but it made me much more reflective on the importance of the support and compassion we must have for one another and the impact of karma / paying it forward (or whatever your personal label for it is).  It has been an unbelievable year.  Priceless!

But for the few weeks I have before my start date, I will rejoice in the fact that “School’s out forever!!!!”

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