Never ending

I am not complaining about having a job offer at a great company at all, but now I am faced with a whole new set of pressures and decisions.  Never a moment’s break!  Plus, once I get out to the Pacific Northwest you know I will be slammed in trying to come up to speed on the business, what is expected of me, learning who is who, etc., and just simply finding my way around as the place is pretty big and I have an awful sense of direction!

Today I was walked through the relocation policy.  It is very good, but there are certain monies that can be applied to buyer’s closing costs versus other monies that can be applied to staging / home improvements and there is an overall cap to the whole thing so trying to figure out the smartest move on this will be my next challenge as I work with realtors who will no doubt wonder if they can share in this somehow.

I really want to focus on making the sale enticing to the buyer as opposed to the agent, so right out the gate I can see that I could tick of an agent as any one of them familiar with relo will know that I could send some money their way, but my thinking is that if I have some eager buyers then the sale should be easy money for the agent.  Strategy and tactics!  Good times!

And how is it possible that I am still sorting through stuff?  There have been drawers and closets and boxes and files and just when I think I have sorted through everything, I open up a trunk I have in a one of my spare bedrooms or a drawer in a TV cabinet and low and behold there is more stuff to sort through!  It’s like rabbits multiplying!

I still have some funny nooks and crannies to deal with like my basement stairwell where I have some things like shoe polish boxes and things of that nature.  Keep, throw, I don’t know!  I’ll have to look at all of these things and see if there is enough polish to be salvage-worthy.  It is all this kind of thing.  Nothing is as simple as it seems!  Another “for instance” is that I have several bottles of shampoo and conditioner so have been trying to consolidate those (so have bottles upturned on other bottles all around the place!).  Then I have about a dozen half used toothpaste tubes, some mini travel size ones, so have been trying to use those in my day-to-day between now and my move instead of throwing them out.  Crazy stuff!

I just hate to waste it if I can use it so have been trying to balance what is feasible to use  or save versus what is impractical and should just be thrown out or given away (i.e. CDs that I have long since loaded to my computer/iTunes so will be going to the local second hand store).  The Pacific Northwest is über-green and into recycling so I am getting some practice!

Types of stuff on my agenda tomorrow will be handing in the Honda’s license plate to DMV and then bringing over that confirmation to my insurance agent so I can drop that car off my monthly payment.  Then I need to go to one of the local purveyors of tempered glass and see if I can order a replacement shelf for my refrigerator crisper which I broke last week! I have been in the house 13 years and wouldn’t you know I would do something stupid like break a shelf at the last minute?  On a fridge that is ready to be retired, no less!

Other fun stuff includes re-grouting tile in the bathroom, staining grout in the kitchen, weeding, mulching, unloading a variety of stuff from the garage.  Loads of fun activities!

It is all better than looking for a job, though!  At least I have a light at the end of this tunnel!

In the midst of all this, I felt compelled to put together a synopsis of my job search statistics for my career coach to use / share with other downsized clients.  I think I have been more successful than many in terms of my success with the internet job boards so want to convey to others how I approached the whole thing, how I organized and saved all my application information, the time lapse between application and HR screening / hiring manager screening, etc.  I put a lot of that in my post called “Preparing for phone interviews” but hadn’t shared it with Charlie (career coach).  All part of the “pay it forward” / karma factor that I so strongly believe in!

Also some time tomorrow, I suppose I should confirm a start date with my new company!

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