My iPhone is pre-Siri but my favorite cousin has a brand new iPhone and Siri is very uncooperative with her!

Over the Memorial Day weekend my cousin was trying to help me find a notary public to acknowledge my signature on the Honda’s car title so I could transfer the car to my “other cousin” (one of her brothers).  Siri was not very helpful!

My cousin started to get annoyed so I asked her if she had seen the John Malkovich commercial where he asks Siri to tell him a joke?  She hadn’t, so I explained the commercial to her and she said “Joke” to Siri, just like John does, and Siri said “I’m sorry, I don’t know any jokes.”  What???  She tells one on the TV for God’s sake!!!  So I told my cousin to tell her “You told a joke to John Malkovich?” and sure enough she said “Two iPhones walk into a bar….I forget the rest”!!!

Try it!

Addendum:  Some people seem to have landed on this post as they are searching for an explanation of the iPhone joke.  Similar to a “Knock, knock” joke, the iPhone joke is classic, it is a version of a standard, classic, opening line of a joke where only the participants change…i.e. “A priest, a rabbi, and a monk walk into a bar…..”, or “A nun, a prostitute, and a judge walk into a bar….”.  The situation itself is funny as it is highly improbable, and typically these jokes ultimately end with a very clever punch line.  “Two iPhones walk into a bar” (also not possible) plays on this joke structure.  Siri “forgetting the rest” is just a silly line to humanize her, loads of people start to tell a joke and then can’t remember how it goes.

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