John Edwards

I have no words.  As days elapsed waiting on the jury to return with verdicts you could tell this was going to end in a mistrial.  I don’t believe they will retry him, either.

Of course, this hits close to home to those of us in NC.  No one I have talked about this guy in recent years or during this recent trial has anything good to say about him.

There were rumors / speculation about the jurors being tainted, him flirting with them, etc.  I can certainly see that could have happened, but I also believe that despite what most of us think of him there just wasn’t enough evidence and Andrew Young came off as very unlikeable, etc.

I also detest when people use the ‘this is between me and my maker’ kind of comments.  Yeah, right.  He’s committed repeated ethical and moral wrongs and has done many sleazy things.  If you’re truly sorry, religious, and worried about the here-after would you seriously behave this way, over and over again?

I feel particularly bad for his oldest daughter, Kate.

I suppose I did have words after all!

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