While I was running around doing my errands this afternoon I ended up in that area most towns have which is essentially ‘car country’.

As I sold the Honda last weekend, I will need a new day-to-day car in my new location, preferably an automatic where I don’t have to worry about all the hills!  Once I move I will be focused on finding a place to live so thought I could just as easily start my car search here in NC.

I started at Honda where I drove the Insight hybrid and the new Accord.  Both were nicer than I expected.  The Insight obviously has great mileage and feels more tin-canny than a plush luxury car, but it is still quite a likable little car and the mileage and price tag were great.  It is also one of those cars where you wouldn’t feel so bad if something happened, like a ding.  The Accord was nice, too, obviously feels more like a car, and the horsepower (and therefore pick-up) is much better; but I have already owned an Accord, so then decided to go across the street to BMW.

I like BMWs, but I think maybe there is something too status-y to me about them, like this is the first car that someone who is finally making good money gets when they are finally making good money.  The sales guy’s name was Jupiter!  How awesome is that?  They didn’t have the car I wanted to drive available while I was there, though, so I moved on.

I then went to Volvo (my first car was my father’s hand-me-down Volvo), but they ticked me off so I left.

My friends Jay & Tonya have owned several Audis and my friend Leslie is a fan, too, so I went there next.  Wow!  I think I’m in love!  I took out an A4 Quattro and had a blast!  The sales guy saw me drive up in my sporty convertible (which is a 2 seater, so I need a ‘car-car’), so he wasn’t surprised when I started tearing around the back roads and did numerous 360º donuts in some of the less trafficked intersections we came across! He had to call out the speed I was going every once in a while as I would completely lose track!  One good thing about a stick-shift is that you are always aware as to how fast you are going because you have to shift!

We then walked over to the VW showroom which is right next door, and part of the same parent company, so he was able to let me take out in the little Tiguan SUV.  Fun, nice for what it is, slightly stiff handling, and I could feel the car automatically shifting (I am very conscious of this as I am so used to listening to the engine, having owned nothing but stick-shifts so far).

He knew I wouldn’t like the VW as much as the A4 after my earlier joy-riding, so we went back to the Audi showroom and took out the Q5 Quattro which is the smallest Audi SUV.  For some reason I feel like I want an SUV, not sure why, I suppose because I ended up using my Honda like an SUV once I got the convertible, hauling bags of mulch in the trunk, back seat, etc.  Anyway, the SUV is also very nice although I have this feeling like I will tip it over if I go too fast on the turns.

I still have “new car smell” in my nose!  Mmm! It might have been a mistake to look at cars, though, as now I just have more decisions running around in my head!

Addendum:  I think I know what it is about the SUV.  I want my own saddle, so I need a “horse-y car”!

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