I spent the early part of the morning out in the garden, weeding and such.  My cousin’s son, Aidan, is coming on Monday to help me get a load of mulch and do some other stuff like take paint and pesticides to the hazardous waste location, clean out the garage and take stuff to the dump, etc.  He is a senior in high school, graduating next week, so this is a good way for me to get some strong, cheap labor and for him to make some pocket change.

I then spent about 2 hours in the basement sorting through what is down there that needs to go to the dump and sorting old paint cans and labeling the keepers for the new homeowners.  Aidan and I will take the rest of the paint to the waste facility.

Then I moved around the house starting to “depersonalize” the place by taking down certain pictures and decorations that might distract any house hunters.  One of the most striking things I did was strip my fridge of all its magnets.  If you have ever been to my house you know that my fridge is just covered with magnets from all the countries I have been to, at least 60% of its surface is covered.  Now it is stark and quite alarming to me when I walk into the kitchen!  I’m wondering where I will put them all in my future home.  I might get one of those magnetic chalkboards.

In an odd way, “depersonalizing” and getting rid of stuff is slowly disconnecting me from the house. It also helps that I spent all of the second half of last year traveling as that literally and figuratively helped distance me, too.  I will be leaving the house furnished as I head off for my first day of work (June 25th) so that will also help me start feeling connected to my new location before I have to completely separate from NC.

I love my house, but I also loved my house in Memphis and know I will find another place to call home in the Pacific Northwest.

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