Battered and bruised!

I am worn out, my wrists and fingers hurt, and my knee is throbbing!

Aidan arrived at 9:00 this morning, in his pick-up, and we headed off to get mulch.  Throughout the day we hauled a total of 75 bags of 2 cubic feet hardwood mulch. I like bags as loose mulch means shoveling and that is too difficult for me.

Ripping open bag after bag and spreading all this mulch has made my wrists and fingers hurt!  They aren’t used to this type of work.  I’m sure other parts of me will hurt tomorrow, but my hands hurt now!

My right knee is also in a very bad way as I slammed it into the hitch on the back of the truck 3 times today!  I was cursing up a storm over that bloody thing!  I bruise like crazy so there should be some good color by tomorrow!  OUCH!

We also loaded up a whole load of stuff to take to the “hazardous waste” facility.  Aidan was a bit worried about this task but when I explained to him what types of things fell into this category he was much more comfortable (although perplexed!).  Hazardous materials include things like paint, paint thinner, pesticides, any electrical stuff from computers to TVs/stereo components to mice.  I had a lot of paint and various electrical cables and charges from old electronics, and a broken down shredder.

We headed over to the hazardous waste place only to find out it is closed on Monday!  Bummer!  So we came back, unloaded, and switched to ‘dump stuff’ instead.  I had a whole truck bed full of stuff for the dump.  Going to the dump is actually quite fun!  First, our local dump is actually quite nice and you back right up to where you fling all your stuff and the flinging is exceptionally cathartic!  It is like setting yourself and these things free!  Seeing how far you can throw things, the noises they make when the land, all very fun and liberating.  Kinda like when David Letterman drops watermelons, and other things, off of rooftops!  Plus, it take a fraction of the time to get this stuff of the truck as it does to load it up!

I treated Aidan to lunch, he had 7 Taco Bell tacos!  7!  Holy Cow!  He is like a string bean, too!  Teenage boys!  Where does it go?

During the day we saw a license plate “JSUS FREK” which I wish I had taken a photo of, and we passed a “VIP” strip club called “Sugar Bares” near the hazardous waste place, which is in a seedy part of town.  I thought the name was fabulous!

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