The little things

I hired a painting crew to come and do a bunch of stuff around the house, like painting the garage, power-washing the house and brick walk, fixing the screen on my rear porch, and a number of other such things.  They started yesterday and will be here for a few days and need to get in and out and have questions, etc., so I have been hanging around the house continuing my own odd jobs as I get ready to move.

If you have ever been to my house, you know that one of my “things” is that I have unique switch plates throughout the place.  I think they add a lot of personality to a room.  The little touches.  So today I took them all down and replaced them with boring, cheap-*ss, white switch plates!

After that I decided to clean all my jewelry, which took hours!  I have some pricey pieces, but in general I have a broad mix of stuff.  I also have quite a few brooches which I will wear more in the future due to my new climate (i.e. I’ll be wearing more jackets, scarves, etc., I have TONS of scarves).

My friend Deirdre is very good at rotating her jewelry so I am going to try and be more like her going forward and get more use out of all my pieces.  This may be difficult, though, as I DO NOT like to get up in the morning so that impedes my ability to be very contemplative and selective about what I will wear on any given day!

Anyway, some of these bits and pieces can be dropped into one of those liquid cleaners, but they still needed some buffing, but anything with a stone needs to be polished with a cloth, so it took forever! But now I am all ready to pack my jewelry case in my carry-on!

After that, I wrote “thank-you” cards to several people that agreed to be references for me, and included a gift card for the coffee company I will be working for shortly (shortly!).  These people were very gracious about agreeing to support me.  They didn’t have to do it, and I am sure it can be a bit uncomfortable for them, so it is the least I can do to show my gratitude.

When I was buying the cards, I told the barista that they were “thank-you” treats and that I was going to work at HQ soon.  He said, “Ah, so you are now one of us!”  I thought that was cute. 🙂

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