Between today and yesterday I had to decline three different requests for job interviews.

Even though I am happy with my offer, it is still somehow painfully difficult to turn down another potential job!  I attribute part of it to a sort of “buyer’s remorse”, then there is simply the fact that I have spent months working to get these calls so un-training myself is challenging!

In the meantime, painting, repairs, etc. continue.  This is also the weekend that my neighborhood is treated to the free ‘bulky item’ pick-up that the city sponsors annually.  Perfect timing to clear out the rest of what’s in the garage.  My painter has also agreed to haul away all the paint cans I tried to bring to the hazardous waste facility on Monday, so that is a big help!  He’s a very nice guy, and cute, too! That last comment is especially for my friend Kim!  🙂

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