T-13 days

Two weeks from right now I will be finishing up my first day of work at ‘major coffee’ in the Pacific Northwest!

It really hasn’t sunk in yet.  I am not entirely sure why.

The painters finished up today after scraping and repainting the garage, power washing the house, porch, brick path, and touching up all sorts of things.  Plus they painted the walls in the basement which makes it less eerie down there (it is a basement-basement, i.e. unfinished).

I think what is wrong with me is that I am approaching this whole thing just like how I approach travel. I really don’t like to pack at all, so have developed a really bad habit of putting it off to the last minute (the consequence then is that I tend to overpack).  I also don’t really care for the actual “getting there” part.  I never look to see how long flights are anymore as I worry that will just put me off from going.  Only when I am actually on my way do I start to get excited about my adventure!

So here I am with that same idea, filling my days with other necessary work and ignoring / avoiding the actually packing and going part, even though I will have movers to come and help me with a 1st stage mini-move (i.e. just my clothes and foodstuffs, etc., furniture will be later).

Last Friday, my HR rep contacted me for some info so they could start working on getting my computer and iPhone set up.  Then today I received an e-mail with instructions on what to expect Day 1, info on public transportation and/or driving instructions, etc.

So far this is very unlike my last employer where you were lucky to even have a stapler by the end of week 1!

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