Are you ready to rumble?!

Tonight we are having one of those awesome evenings of rolling thunder storms!  I love a good Spring/Summer thunder and lightening storm!

I know I am going to get rain where I am going, but I hope I am going to get some good storms, too!  North Carolina has some great ones!

Today I had the electrician over here doing odds and ends and I spent the day gluing down the rolling edges on the wallpaper in the 1st floor bathroom, touching up paint scuffs and nail holes throughout the house, and caulking.

Good times!  🙂

P.S…..just for Deirdre, “rolling foam of thunder” (December, 1963, Oh what a night!)

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2 Responses to Are you ready to rumble?!

  1. Deirdre says:

    Foam, ball, bolt… You pick! Glad i am able to make you laugh!

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