Light at the end of the tunnel

I actually feel like I am beginning to run out of things to do, which is a great relief!

Today I had a tile guy and a carpenter here doing a few things while I dusted the whole house and cleaned all the hardwoods.  It is amazing how much dust is created by painters due to patching and sanding bad spots on the walls and ceilings!

I still have a variety of odds and ends, like having to take a large wall clock to be repaired, but all of these things seem manageable now that the major stuff is done.  Aidan is coming back on Friday to help me do a couple of things, too.

Tomorrow I have a phone call scheduled with my ‘officially assigned’ relocation agent, that should be interesting.

I was able to relax a bit this evening so watched the original “Wall Street” in which Martin Sheen actually plays father to Charlie Sheen.  Of course, the best known line in the movie is “Greed is good”, but my favorite line was during a scene where Martin is schooling Charlie on morals and ethical behavior and says, “I don’t go to bed with no whore, and I don’t wake up with no whore.”  Well, somehow that little speech seemed to have had totally the opposite impact in real life!  Who could have known how humorous that line would become!  It could only be funnier if it was Charlie saying it.  What a difference 25 years makes.   🙂

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