She’s got a ticket to ride

OMG!  My one-way ticket to the Pacific Northwest was booked today!!!  I just received my e-mail confirmation, I leave midday on Saturday, June 23rd.

This is considered my ‘final move’ ticket as it is just in the one direction, but I will be back here in NC two more times or so to oversee the move and punch-list stuff from final inspection once the house sells.

I had a long conversation with the relocation agent today.  She was very nice, and there are some monies in the relo package that were assigned to my move that I will not be using so she is going to try and have them redirected to me in such a way that I can use these funds as additional buyer incentives.  For instance, I will not be taking the house-hunting trip which included round-trip airfare, 5-night hotel stay, car rental, meals, etc.  Plus, I sold the Honda so that is one less car to ship.  Stuff like that all adds up.

I am offered money to help with “staging” the house which can cover a wide variety of things like painting, landscaping, cosmetic repairs, etc.  I have pretty much used all this money up already with all the painting, electrical, and tile work that was done this week, but the kitchen needs some face-lifting so if I can offer the buyer some money to shop for new appliances or countertops (or whatever), that would be great. The relocation package is really very generous.  Nothing to complain about!

Other fun stuff I did today to get ready to move included vacuuming dead flies from the window sills!  Those little buggers like to get behind the plantation shutters and drop dead back there while looking for a way to escape.

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