Happy Anniversary to me!

Today is my one-year anniversary of being out of work!  It was at about 2:00 on June 16, 2011 that I was informed that “my services were no longer needed” and I left the corporate premises shortly thereafter.

This day next week I am flying to the Pacific Northwest to ready for my new job, starting Monday, June 25th.

Two weeks from today is my ‘official’ one-year anniversary of being employed from my last company (i.e., I was officially on payroll until the end of the month of June, then put on severance).

It is funny how all these dates have coincided so tightly!

It will be very weird to be working again.  Having to get up (ugh! I like laying in bed!!) get ready, commute, go to meetings, etc.  Plus, I will be in a completely new company, city, industry so it will be sensory overload for a while!  Oh boy!

I am going to dinner tonight with some of the friends that have been most supportive of me going through this whole period of unemployment, largely because they have (or are) going through this experience themselves.  I have mentioned before that everyone that has been let-go says that these are the people that are the most helpful.  The people that have never gone through it don’t seem to reach out to help, or check-in, at all!  I liken it a bit to when someone has a death in the family or suffers some other traumatic experience.  Those that can’t relate to the situation just ignore it or avoid it, possibly because they don’t realize how challenging it is, or don’t know what to do or say, or any/all of the above.

Those that have gone through something difficult don’t want a pity-party, they just want some sort of confirmation from friends/family that they acknowledge what has happened and are there if you need them.  It is really quite simple.

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