Time out

My toes are a disgrace and I needed some down time so I am at the salon having a pedicure.  God knows if my toes will ever see the light of day where I am going but at least I feel more prepared and tidied-up!

I planned this last minute, right after one of the realtors left, so I wasn’t thinking very straight and have jeans on (so can’t pull my pant legs up as far as I would like) and didn’t shave my legs today so all in all it is not the best look. 🙂

I liked the realtor that came today.  She seems willing to be a bit assertive on the price, which I like.  I have another realtor coming tomorrow who happens to be the agent that sold the house to the owners before me (Adam, for those of you that remember the homeowner).  I bought the house straight from Adam, it never went on the market. They realtor is excited to get back inside and see how the place looks.

The way that the relo works is that I need at least two realtors to submit a Broker Market Analysis and then I am supposed to put the house on the market at the average of the two.  I have three agents coming all told and will pick the two that I think have done the best assessment.

Tomorrow I also have the moving company coming to do an overall estimate of the move.  Even though I won’t be moving the furniture until later, this step has to be conducted so I figured I might as well get it out of the way.

The car is being picked up on Friday afternoon, between 4pm-6pm.

I am slowly inching forward!  Lord, I hope I am doing the right thing! 🙂 If one more person mentions the weather “out there” I think I’ll have a fit!

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