Weather woes

It is flat out hot here today, 92, humid, and sunny.  I am very fair skinned so have to avoid being out in the sun during the day.  Plus, it can just be too hot to do much of anything sometimes, at least not without sweating profusely.

And where I’m going?  Today looks nice, 72 and sunny, but the forecast is for rain and 60 degree temps for several days.  No worries about my fair skin (!), but somewhat of a similar issue in terms of having restrictions on what you can do during the day!

Nowhere is perfect, though, and when you are in one place the other one has a certain appeal, and vice versa!

I had two realtors here today and now all three have been sent off to work on their market analysis.  They all feel very positive about my house; it is a real cutie, if I say so myself! 🙂  I wonder what I will end up with on the other end, and how long it will take for me to figure all that out.

A guy from the moving company also came to survey the house contents.

The car gets picked up tomorrow, and I washed it today (one of the requirements so they can photograph it for insurance purposes). Per instructions, “Plants, pets, firearms and all hazardous materials are forbidden by law to be transported.” Can you imagine shipping your pet in the car?  Hello Mitt Romney!?

So now I am left with packing my suitcases, my most dreaded task!  After all my sorting and cleaning and depersonalizing you would think that packing suitcases would be a super easy chore!  I just don’t like doing it!  I feel like I won’t be able to make good choices on what to take to cover the next few weeks.  I am sure once I start it won’t be so bad, I just don’t want to start!  Ha!! 🙂

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