Déjà ’70s (maybe some ’80s, too!)

I started packing last night and it turned into a big mess. What to bring? What to bring?

The weather is a good bit cooler where I am going but I don’t want to look like a doofus wearing anything to heavy, it is June after all. I have tons of shoes but I don’t feel like many of them are really appropriate for the climate (i.e. either to summery or their suede, etc.).  I may have to buy more/different shoes when I get there.  I do have two pairs of rain boots, so want to bring them, but they take up soooo much room!

I also want some of my ‘comforts’ with me so that I can settle in when I get there; i.e. my espresso machine.  I also need to bring my riding gear so that I can get set up with some stable, that stuff is also bulky (boots, helmet) and take up too much space.

This morning I got up and decided I was just going to ship a bunch of it.  During some phone call with my relo person she had made that suggestion and said I could expense it as it has to move sooner or later anyway.  So I went to the post office and got some boxes and sent off my helmet, two pairs of boots, a box with my messenger bag full of odds and ends, a box with a bunch of stuff from my desk, and a BIG box full of shoes and clothes and few handbags.  The last one went UPS as I new the post office would charge extravagantly.  I also brought my coffee machine to the UPS store so they could pack and ship it as I will need that on the weekends; reminder that I will have free lattes at work! 🙂

The UPS store is right next to my favorite eyeglass store (for those of you familiar).  The guy in there is nice, but the whole situation is like a ’70s time warp.

First, the smell in there is really bad!  Like the air is from the ’70s!  The guy himself reminds me of whichever one is the male from “Ashford & Simpson”, he had that long jheri-curl thing going on and he was wearing black parachute pants and a necklace with the symbol that “the artist formerly known as Prince” uses (although did he end up going back to being just plan old Prince again?  Can’t recall!).  The music, well obviously it was from that genre, too.  “Oh, Sheila” was playing when I was in there, followed by Donna Summer.

The weirdest thing?  Out of the blue the guy asks me if I have dual citizenship.  There was absolutely no reason for this question and as I was only shipping stuff from one state to another, nationality or citizenship or anything of that nature had nothing to do with the transaction at hand.  I said “yes, why did you ask me that?” and he said he just knew!

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