St. Joseph

There is a belief that if you buy a statue of St. Joseph and bury him upside down in your yard that he will help expedite the sale of your house (remember, he was a carpenter).

The directions can vary, sometimes they say he needs to be in the front of the house, facing the house.  Other instructions say he should be in the back yard.  After the house sells, you dig him up.

I went with the first directions I read.  Head down, at a point of the property close to the the road, and presumably close to where the “For Sale” sign will be.  I guess the idea is that buyers will pass him by which will trigger Joseph to communicate to them!

My friend, Deirdre, used this particular statue when she sold her house and she passed him to me.

Let’s hope it works!  Another soul in ‘high places’ looking out for me!

Here is a photo of St. Joseph, holding Baby Jesus, before he went under!  I put him in a zip-lock so he wouldn’t get all messy, but didn’t seal it tight so he wouldn’t suffocate!

He got a nice spot near some Germander which is currently blooming, too. 🙂

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