Under control

I actually, finally, feel under control!

I am very glad that I boxed-up and sent a bunch of stuff via mail / UPS.  That took a lot of weight off of me, literally and figuratively!

I have three suitcases and think they contain pretty much everything I will need for a long while (plus the stuff I shipped).  It is way more than what I took to Europe last year, but this is a permanent move and people will be walking through the house so I want to surround myself with some things that will make me feel at home and I don’t want to leave anything here that I will be worried about.  It also makes the house look even better to have some things, like my espresso machine, out of the way.

I am currently washing my sheets so that I have a nice sleep tonight and have a pretty fresh bed ready for me when I come back to pack up and officially move.

About Sophia la Vespa

Seattle by Vespa!
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