My top 25

  • Pienza (town in Tuscany)
  • Piccolomini Libreria (within the Duomo in Siena)
  • Museo di San Marco (in Firenze)
  • Palio! (August 16th, 2011, Siena)
  • Cycling the walls of Lucca
  • Vino Nobile di Montepulciano (a type of red wine from Montepulciano)
  • Vernaccia di San Gimignano (a type of white wine from San Gimignano)
  • Italian coffee!
  • Gelato in Italy!  Especially nocciola, bacio, and gianduia
  • Swedish Black Angus burger at Moosehead bar (Malmö, Sweden)
  • The Lipizzaners (in Vienna)
  • Basilica di San Zeno (in Verona), my newfound favorite saint!
  • Scrovegni Chapel (in Padova/Padua)
  • Basilica di Sant’Antonio da Padova (in Padova/Padua)
  • Eating roasted chestnuts in the streets of Verona and Padova (Padua)
  • Petting a swan for the first time!  (Lazise, Lago di Gardo)
  • Tasting first press olive oil right at the producer
  • Italians and their language!!!
  • Experiencing all the various “Ends of the Earth” in Argentina and Chile
  • Seeing the “Southernmost dog in the world” (at least on land) at Cape Horn
  • View of Torres del Paine from the Explora hotel / my bedroom (the above blog photo)
  • Being entranced by the Perito Moreno glacier
  • Argentine beef!  WOW!  Especially medallón de lomo (filet mignon)
  • Landscapes of the province of Salta, Argentina
  • Being grateful for how fortunate I am

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