Who says the “gap year” is a 20-something thing?  It’s the middle of my life and I am still young at heart, vital, wide-eyed, and I want a gap-year, too, d*mn it!   What’s more, I just know there are many more liked-minded people out there!

What ignited this in me?  It happened last Thursday, June 16, 2011, when the company I worked for and I parted ways.

What makes me unique?  Well, I think I fall into a demographic that doesn’t get a lot of press but believe is quietly growing in numbers:

  • I am a single (never married) woman in my mid-40s without any children
  • I have an MBA and have worked for a major bank and several Fortune-ranked consumer packaged goods companies
  • I was considered “highly compensated”, have little debt (small mortgage/low payment) and am in a comfortable financial position
  • Options about my future seem limitless to me right now as I am fortunate to be in a position where I have few worries and am untethered

So, why is this “Not Quite a Mid-life Gap Year”?, three main reasons:

  • When push comes to shove I just honestly don’t think I can do nothing but spoil myself for an entire year
  • Eventually I will need to get back to some sort of income earning position so I need to stay somewhat connected and keep my eyes open
  • I have a career coach, Charlie, who will hopefully help me find my future

So how does “gap year” even play into this?  Simple, I really want to enjoy myself during this respite and check off some of those bucket-list boxes!  I want to shake loose the cobwebs and get my pre-corporate mojo back full-time (maybe I’ll even rid the habit of wanting to put everything into bullet points)!  Lastly, it is my sincere intention that when I do eventually go back to work that the job be one that truly fits me, not one that just fits my resume.  The key is that I can afford to be selective.

Perhaps some of you will find this blog helpful if you find yourself in a similar situation. Perhaps some of you will find it funny to watch me fumble through this period.   Perhaps it is just therapeutic for me. Who knows?  But come on back to see what happens!

Update Dec 12th: my blog photo is of one of the most beautiful vistas from my trip to Patagonia, the Torres del Paine, as seen from the hotel Explora / my bedroom window! Magnificent!

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