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Funny things about my blog

I use WordPress for my blog and one of the screens shows stats on what posts have been viewed each day.  It find it fascinating to look at this page to see who searched for what as some of the … Continue reading

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Selling out?

OMG, today I applied for a job! Today marks exactly five months since I landed in Firenze (Florence) and embarked on my wild and crazy odyssey of travel and language learning!  I have spent a considerable amount of time in … Continue reading

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My thoughts on Italian language school

My personal feedback on Italian language schools, after studying in Siena, Firenze (Florence), Lucca and Verona: They are fun! I have been at four schools and they were all fairly similar in terms of having a set amount of time … Continue reading

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Love is in the air?

I don’t know what kind of pheromones I was setting off today but it was another one of those “Italian men gone wild” kind of days. It seems as though I was being watched on my way to the Boboli … Continue reading

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Dante Alighieri

Has there ever been anyone alive or dead that you just felt you had some strange connection with, or maybe just an unusual curiosity, and needed to get to the bottom of it? There has been something nagging at me … Continue reading

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Boboli Gardens

I got up early again this morning and headed off to the Boboli Gardens before it got too hot.   I don’t think I have slept late once since I have been in Italy! The gardens are largely formal and … Continue reading

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Chicks rule!

Anna Maria Lodovica was the last of the Medici family.  She died in 1743 and she is now in San Lorenzo. She left her entire estate, in perpetuity, to the people of Firenze.  This included the amassed Medici collections found … Continue reading

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