Happy Anniversary to me!

Today is my one-year anniversary of being out of work!  It was at about 2:00 on June 16, 2011 that I was informed that “my services were no longer needed” and I left the corporate premises shortly thereafter.

This day next week I am flying to the Pacific Northwest to ready for my new job, starting Monday, June 25th.

Two weeks from today is my ‘official’ one-year anniversary of being employed from my last company (i.e., I was officially on payroll until the end of the month of June, then put on severance).

It is funny how all these dates have coincided so tightly!

It will be very weird to be working again.  Having to get up (ugh! I like laying in bed!!) get ready, commute, go to meetings, etc.  Plus, I will be in a completely new company, city, industry so it will be sensory overload for a while!  Oh boy!

I am going to dinner tonight with some of the friends that have been most supportive of me going through this whole period of unemployment, largely because they have (or are) going through this experience themselves.  I have mentioned before that everyone that has been let-go says that these are the people that are the most helpful.  The people that have never gone through it don’t seem to reach out to help, or check-in, at all!  I liken it a bit to when someone has a death in the family or suffers some other traumatic experience.  Those that can’t relate to the situation just ignore it or avoid it, possibly because they don’t realize how challenging it is, or don’t know what to do or say, or any/all of the above.

Those that have gone through something difficult don’t want a pity-party, they just want some sort of confirmation from friends/family that they acknowledge what has happened and are there if you need them.  It is really quite simple.

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Wiped out

Aidan came over today to help me finish mulching and to do some other odd jobs around the house as I wrap my punch-list up.

Afterwards, I treated him to Mexican. I ordered my meal, and a margarita, in Spanish and the waiter asked me if I was Italian.  I told him ‘no’ but that I can speak Italian and have therefore learned to say a few things in Spanish as the languages are very similar.  He said, “Oh, because you have an Italian accent!”   Too funny!   The Italians always praised me for how well I pronounced their language, I guess I will speak any foreign language with an Italian accent now!

Between the work, sun, and the margarita I am totally wiped out!  It’s 9:00 and I am going to bed!

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She’s got a ticket to ride

OMG!  My one-way ticket to the Pacific Northwest was booked today!!!  I just received my e-mail confirmation, I leave midday on Saturday, June 23rd.

This is considered my ‘final move’ ticket as it is just in the one direction, but I will be back here in NC two more times or so to oversee the move and punch-list stuff from final inspection once the house sells.

I had a long conversation with the relocation agent today.  She was very nice, and there are some monies in the relo package that were assigned to my move that I will not be using so she is going to try and have them redirected to me in such a way that I can use these funds as additional buyer incentives.  For instance, I will not be taking the house-hunting trip which included round-trip airfare, 5-night hotel stay, car rental, meals, etc.  Plus, I sold the Honda so that is one less car to ship.  Stuff like that all adds up.

I am offered money to help with “staging” the house which can cover a wide variety of things like painting, landscaping, cosmetic repairs, etc.  I have pretty much used all this money up already with all the painting, electrical, and tile work that was done this week, but the kitchen needs some face-lifting so if I can offer the buyer some money to shop for new appliances or countertops (or whatever), that would be great. The relocation package is really very generous.  Nothing to complain about!

Other fun stuff I did today to get ready to move included vacuuming dead flies from the window sills!  Those little buggers like to get behind the plantation shutters and drop dead back there while looking for a way to escape.

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Light at the end of the tunnel

I actually feel like I am beginning to run out of things to do, which is a great relief!

Today I had a tile guy and a carpenter here doing a few things while I dusted the whole house and cleaned all the hardwoods.  It is amazing how much dust is created by painters due to patching and sanding bad spots on the walls and ceilings!

I still have a variety of odds and ends, like having to take a large wall clock to be repaired, but all of these things seem manageable now that the major stuff is done.  Aidan is coming back on Friday to help me do a couple of things, too.

Tomorrow I have a phone call scheduled with my ‘officially assigned’ relocation agent, that should be interesting.

I was able to relax a bit this evening so watched the original “Wall Street” in which Martin Sheen actually plays father to Charlie Sheen.  Of course, the best known line in the movie is “Greed is good”, but my favorite line was during a scene where Martin is schooling Charlie on morals and ethical behavior and says, “I don’t go to bed with no whore, and I don’t wake up with no whore.”  Well, somehow that little speech seemed to have had totally the opposite impact in real life!  Who could have known how humorous that line would become!  It could only be funnier if it was Charlie saying it.  What a difference 25 years makes.   🙂

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Are you ready to rumble?!

Tonight we are having one of those awesome evenings of rolling thunder storms!  I love a good Spring/Summer thunder and lightening storm!

I know I am going to get rain where I am going, but I hope I am going to get some good storms, too!  North Carolina has some great ones!

Today I had the electrician over here doing odds and ends and I spent the day gluing down the rolling edges on the wallpaper in the 1st floor bathroom, touching up paint scuffs and nail holes throughout the house, and caulking.

Good times!  🙂

P.S…..just for Deirdre, “rolling foam of thunder” (December, 1963, Oh what a night!)

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T-13 days

Two weeks from right now I will be finishing up my first day of work at ‘major coffee’ in the Pacific Northwest!

It really hasn’t sunk in yet.  I am not entirely sure why.

The painters finished up today after scraping and repainting the garage, power washing the house, porch, brick path, and touching up all sorts of things.  Plus they painted the walls in the basement which makes it less eerie down there (it is a basement-basement, i.e. unfinished).

I think what is wrong with me is that I am approaching this whole thing just like how I approach travel. I really don’t like to pack at all, so have developed a really bad habit of putting it off to the last minute (the consequence then is that I tend to overpack).  I also don’t really care for the actual “getting there” part.  I never look to see how long flights are anymore as I worry that will just put me off from going.  Only when I am actually on my way do I start to get excited about my adventure!

So here I am with that same idea, filling my days with other necessary work and ignoring / avoiding the actually packing and going part, even though I will have movers to come and help me with a 1st stage mini-move (i.e. just my clothes and foodstuffs, etc., furniture will be later).

Last Friday, my HR rep contacted me for some info so they could start working on getting my computer and iPhone set up.  Then today I received an e-mail with instructions on what to expect Day 1, info on public transportation and/or driving instructions, etc.

So far this is very unlike my last employer where you were lucky to even have a stapler by the end of week 1!

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Cluelessly keyless

My cousin sold my Honda over Memorial Day to his brother, “my other cousin” and my second cousin (the daughter of “my other cousin”) is learning to drive on it.

I was told that she was a real klutz in terms of learning to drive even an automatic, backing into mailbox posts, etc., so I have no idea how she is handling a stick shift!  But tonight my cousin called to tell me that “my other cousin” is having a fit because the car alarm keeps going off.

Obviously not only is this girl apparently challenged when it comes to driving, but she doesn’t get the concept of ‘keyless entry’ and is using the key to unlock the door and then when she puts the key in the ignition the alarm goes off.   Lord!

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