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Food, glorious food!

The language schools have all provided some kind of welcome packet to new arrivals that includes such things as a map and a list of recommended restaurants, bars, etc.  I have done a pretty good job at trying out as … Continue reading

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Bratislava fun facts

Following up from my previous post, the guide today was really quite informative.  I am adding below some photos of interest: The symbol of Bratislava as the walls of the town were originally in a triangle formation resulting in just … Continue reading

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Odds and ends

A few things I found entertaining. When you use one of the machines at the train station to buy a ticket you need to press this button.  Just imagine Arnold Swarzenegger saying it! Heather apparently comes in many unnatural colors … Continue reading

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Wien, Österreich

Vienna, Austria! I arrived late last night and am in one of the strangest hotel rooms I have ever stayed in. There is a slight circus theme to the room in that it has a large mural of various carnies … Continue reading

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Dude, where’s my bicycle?

You know that feeling when you leave work or a shop or wherever and you just can’t remember where you parked?   Here is the Danish example.  Which one is my bike? It is not quite Amsterdam, but bikes are most … Continue reading

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Carlsberg Brewery is the 5th largest brewer in the world, at least according to the “Hop On, Hop Off” bus!  The  founder, J.C. Jacobsen, named the company after his son, Carl. As I have contributed so much money to this … Continue reading

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Nyhavn is one of the most photographed places in Copenhagen.  It is a very cute little stretch of channel that juts in for just the smallest length from the sea before it dead-ends.  It is lined with restaurants and it … Continue reading

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Ghosts, poltergeists, or other such phenomena

When I was in Ireland my mother was telling me that the brother of one of her friends recently built a house on land that was once a graveyard and the house is now haunted. There is a bedroom upstairs … Continue reading

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I can see Sweden from my castle!

I was going to call this post “Bucolic” as several of my friends reading this will get that reference from a game of charades played years ago where “Hamlet” was the word and our friend Bill used ‘bucolic’ as the … Continue reading

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For Lacey

For some reason I thought my friend Lacey would find the attached funny since she spent several months in Hong Kong. The toilet at the restaurant “Husk Flusk” received a 5-star rating from the Beijing Tourism Administration!?!?  I have no … Continue reading

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