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Castelvecchio (old castle) was formerly known as the Castle of San Martino and was built for internal and external defensive purposes by Cangrande II della Scala (aka Scaligeri). Cangrande is actually a contraction of Cane Grande, “the big dog”, so … Continue reading

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Kuntsthistorisches Museum

Wowee! The Kuntsthistorisches Museum (KHM, for short) is smack in the middle of town along with the rest of most anything one comes to see in Vienna (except, perhaps, Schönbrunn Palace). It is chock full of “the masters” such as Caravaggio, Correggio, … Continue reading

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What a difference a day makes!

Lord Almighty what happened last night?  Yesterday was gorgeous and sunny and in the high-70’s and I woke up to pouring rain and the high is only 51 degrees! This would not typically be a problem for me as I … Continue reading

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Palazzo Pitti

Wednesday was a cool 96 degrees so, again, a bunch of us from school headed out in the afternoon with my l’insegnante (teacher), Viviena.  Today we headed to the Palazzo Pitti. The Palazzo dates back to the mid-1400’s and was … Continue reading

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